The Unifying Gift

The Unifying Gift from the Cabinet of Dr. Paftal was a cultural exchange between U.S. (initiated by Artist/Project Director Stella McGregor under the auspices of Space2) and Macedonian artists. Generously sponsored by The Trust for Mutual Understanding, the project’s objective was to encourage positive international relations by addressing issues of diversity, interaction and inclusiveness. Zurich, Skopje, Tetovo, Ohrid and Kicevo were the sites of public art interactions. Most significantly, however, the twelve participants lived for one July 2003 week under one roof on a hill in Varo, the ancient part of Ohrid. Rituals of daily life became a vehicle in this historically charged environment, becoming art actions which seeped into the lives of all those townspeople and visitors in proximity. Once engaged, the public became masked participants of this roving troupe.

This exchange was sponsored by Urban Arts and The Trust for Mutual Understanding.