Scattered Ephemera

“Few people have a sense of where they live anymore.  We live inside the television.  To hold on to the specifics of place, you need to look deliberately, to look with a stranger’s eyes.”

Andrei Codrescu, Scattered Ephemera artist/participant

“The legacy of one downtown block celebrated with Scattered Ephemera ….  Excavating the story of the right city block can tell a whole American saga, if the block is as talkative as this one.”

Jen Graves, The News Tribune

“Scattered Ephemera was a seminal event in the Tacoma art scene…proved an important launchpad for the future of public art in Tacoma.”


A team of artists from across the country gathered together by Artist and Project Director, Kate Sidwell, worked together for two years with sponsorship of the City of Tacoma and Tacoma Contemporary (TACO) and in partnership with Tacoma artists and students. The downtown block, anchored by former F. W. Woolworth’s, became the subject of this collective’s investigations and a series of workshops at the Tacoma Art Museum, installations in the store windows turned public art spaces, sidewalk mural, performances, and much more.

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