February 28, 2024

It is a joy to be showing again with Gryder and to be joining Babette Beaullieu and Elizabeth Shannon in this exciting endeavor! This exhibition will be up through Saturday, April 27. We would be delighted if you can visit the show in person if you are here and virtually if not. I will be posting regularly both via Fb and Instagram in an effort to revisit and update spinoffs of projects.

(further extended on Instagram, whose little-known ancestor is perhaps the scrapbook).

If the films are a form of the present, the scrapbook is both their past (where they were drafted) and their future (as archive).

– Matthieu Orléan, curator at the Cinémathèque Française




Babette Beaullieu
Jan Gilbert
Elizabeth Shannon

RITUAL presents work of three artists who merge their lives with their art making rituals and tools, to ruminate, to recognize, to collect, to re-collect, to highlight, to honor.

Here are idiosyncratic, playful, yet serious displays of obsessive observing and compulsive producing of offerings to the public domain.

These artists while displaying quite distinctive modes of practice, possess common veins of mining a sense and since of history.



A Life in Art: The Steven and Kathleen Sidwell Collection

The Cape Cod Museum of Art, October 19 – January 14, 2023.

Two recent exhibitions were celebrations I was so pleased to be a part of:

The Steven and Kate Sidwell Collection at the Cape Cod Museum of Art presented their extensive collection resulting from their itinerant life together and became a memorial moment shortly after Steve’s passing.

From October 7, 2023–January 6, 2024, the stellar 45th Anniversary show at the Arthur Roger Gallery, was evidence of what a tour de force Arthur and his gallery are and have been for all these years.