On Portraiture and More

March 01, 2023

Super excited to be part of Gryder Gallerys new exhibition On Portraiture, 5 artists: Mark Bercier, Jan Gilbert, Eddie Ralph Hébert, Jana Napoli and Keith Perelli (link), fellow artists – all part of the art community for decades!

Opening Reception this Saturday, March 4, 2023, 5-8pm up through April 30. Hope you will stop by the gallery if you are in town!

Installation View

My series Call to DisArm continues to find its way out into the public realm in various virtual and even AR modes. Thanks to Susan Tucker for her continued collaboration including this work (link) in the new online compilation Keeping (and Telling) the Past. Nancy Baker Cahills augmented reality (AR) Battlegrounds routes New Orleans real time viewers via her 4th Wall App to a variety of layered artworks. They can be accessed and experienced through the free 4thWall app, a public art platform for users to explore resistance by hosting curated, geo-located public art exhibitions such as Battlegrounds. Heres a peek (link) at what you would see and hear on the app when arriving at St. Annas Church, 1313 Esplanade Avenue in Treme. Note a new and more permanent Murder Wall installation has recently been installed at the site. Lastly, in solidarity with St. Annas and Battlegrounds, we have reinstalled the Call to DisArm curtain on our 511 Royal St. studios to garner close encounters of visitors and passersby of all kinds. For an online overview of the Battlegrounds project, let your fingers do the walking online (link).

With all this virtual and AR news, it feels necessary to recommend a real book:

Beautiful Necessity: The Art and Meaning of Women’s Altars by Kay Turner (which includes some of the Light in the Head artworks included in the Gryder exhibition)

and a couple of others by Susan Tucker: City of Remembering and Mending for Memory, Sewing in Louisiana, Essays, Stories, and Poems (authored by Susan along with Lee Meitzen Grue).