Memorial to Bobby

Memorial to Bobby: The Red Letter Day is an individual bookwork as well as a panel from The VESTIGES Project: The Subject is War – a series of eight lighted bus shelters exhibited on the Canal Street median in downtown New Orleans during the Gulf War.

“The Subject is War, a 1991 bus shelter billboard project in New Orleans created by Jan Gilbert working with Debra Howell, Marcel Lesseaux, and Kristen Struebing-Beazley, was scheduled to coincide with the National Conference for Photographic Education. Unexpectedly, the Gulf War, then becoming a controversial reality, provided a specific content that prompted the leasing agency to reject seven of the eight works intended to address war in general because they feared a violent reaction. Although Gilbert worked to edit the images, she also created an exhibition The Subject is War/The Subject Is Censored to display the original censored works, official objections, and subsequent modifications.”

Dr. Harriet Senie, “Disturbances in the Fields of Mammon: Towards a History of Artists’ Billboards”, Billboard Art on the Road, MASS MoCA Catalog

Bobby L. Wadle 8/31/47 – 7/30/17

From funeral guest book:

“Bobby was a casualty of the Viet Nam War. He carried that burden all this time. Now Bobby is at peace with the Lord and all his loved ones that went before. God bless Bobby’s family at this time knowing we will all meet again.”