Loss, Ritual, Relic

Peeking into vitrines from above: works by Gilbert and/or writer Carolyn Maisel; remnants of early VESTIGES’ process. Side views of vitrine chock full of mail art correspondence between Charlie Bishop and Gilbert; larger bin of bits of other Gilbert collaborations; and archive of  work in tandem with Dr. Jacques Arpin.

This installation at The Nadine Vorhoff Library at Newcomb College Center for Research on Women, Tulane University was curated and directed by Gilbert.  The above works were assembled by her as archives, patent letter files and vitrines without covers, to be rummaged through –  touched and felt.  All contents are pieces of process of the 25-year old collaboration of The VESTIGES Project.  It is a celebratory commemoration of that process housed in a sacred space/repository  known for these types of remnants.

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