Auto/Biography/Charts a mixed media installation shown in Dallas at Gallery: Untitled and in New Orleans at Tulane University’s Carroll Gallery and the Arthur Roger Gallery.

“Gilbert has installed the pages of an auto-repair-manual flip-chart in rows in the gallery’s back room. On the back of each chart page, she combines images from her own life- snapshots, magazine cutouts, sewing pattern sleeves- and laminates them under layers of waxy plastic, which mirror and reflect similar and dissimilar states.”

– Annabelle Massey Helber, The Met, Dallas, TX

“Ms. Gilbert has taken a flip chart of diagrams used to teach auto repair and painted and collaged their backsides with photographs and objects relating to her own life. These extend from the wall on the sort of movable support found in stores that display posters or maps. Ms. Gilbert creates powerfully emotional compositions, slathering the pages with paint and a subtance that has the appearance of dried paste or glue. It’s an enthusiastic and physical approach you seldom see in galleries now, but Ms. Gilbert shows how effective it can still be.”

– Charles Dee Mitchell, The Dallas Morning News