October 18, 2012 through January, 2015 and continuing indefinitely until further notice.

US.IS (Urban Sidewalk Installation Space) 441 Gravier St. at Magazine St., New Orleans

The Rebecca Bryan Gallery at Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina invited The VESTIGES Project to mark the 6th Anniversary of the Katrina floods with an exhibition entitled VESTIGES/TRINITAS. Along with other works by New Orleans artists, the exhibition marks the premiere of the installation VESTIGES/trinitas, conceived and constructed by Jan Gilbert and Debra Howell of The VESTIGES Project.

VESTIGES/trinitas is about coming to terms with what’s been lost, on both a personal and regional scale, possibly forever. The double whammy of Katrina and the BP spill made it impossible to ignore the fact that New Orleans and South Louisiana would never be the way they were pre-Katrina, and the people who live here would never have the same lives they once had.

VESTIGES/trinitas is both a repository and an investigation: of our collective memory and identity; of the influence of our culture on our memories; of the relationship between our memories and our history. We’d like this work to act as a container within which we attach our photos, our memorabilia, our hodgepodge of disparate items we want to mark, to remember, to keep close.

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