Memorial to Bobby

Memorial to Bobby: The Red Letter Day is an individual bookwork as well as a panel from The VESTIGES Project: The Subject is War – a series of eight lighted bus shelters exhibited on the Canal Street median in downtown New Orleans during the Gulf War.

“The Subject is War, a 1991 bus shelter billboard project in New Orleans created by Jan Gilbert working with Debra Howell, Marcel Lesseaux, and Kristen Struebing-Beazley, was scheduled to coincide with the National Conference for Photographic Education. Unexpectedly, the Gulf War, then becoming a controversial reality, provided a specific content that prompted the leasing agency to reject seven of the eight works intended to address war in general because they feared a violent reaction. Although Gilbert worked to edit the images, she also created an exhibition The Subject is War/The Subject Is Censored to display the original censored works, official objections, and subsequent modifications.”

Dr. Harriet Senie, “Disturbances in the Fields of Mammon: Towards a History of Artists’ Billboards”, Billboard Art on the Road, MASS MoCA Catalog